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Valet Storage Versus Self Storage

Just store It | Jan 02, 2020

Recently, a new storage model, valet storage, has hit the industry. While some people are embracing it, there are still a lot of people who prefer traditional self storage. So, what is valet storage? And is it a worthwhile option over self storage? Refer to our comparison below.

What is Valet Storage?

With valet storage, if a customer has a box of seasonal décor they no longer want in their house, they can call their valet storage company to pick it up. Their items are then placed in a small storage box inside of the storage facility. Once the customer wants their belongings, back the storage company will drop it back off.

The Downside of Valet Storage

While there are some benefits to valet storage, there is still a definite downside.

  • Uncertainty over handling: When you rent a storage unit, your items are loaded and placed into storage by you. If you care enough about these belongings to store them for the future, you obviously want them to be stored correctly. Many self storage renters prefer the peace of mind knowing their belongings were loaded and stored into their storage facility just how they wanted them to be.
  • Not Enough space: While storing a few small boxes out of the home may be nice for a while, eventually you may want to start adding more boxes to it. With a storage unit rental, as you need more storage space, you are free to upgrade to the next size.

The Benefits of Self Storage

  • More range in storage unit sizes: At our storage facility, we have a wide range of storage unit sizes to choose from. As your storage need changes, your storage unit size can change with it.
  • More flexibility in when you can get your belongings: With valet storage, you have to wait until the storage company has availability to drop off your belongings. If you need an item last minute, you may be out of luck. When you rent a storage unit, you can take advantage of early morning and late night access hours.
  • Minimal variance in cost: Many people view valet storage as a more cost-effective alternative to self storage. While the cost of the valet storage box rental is small, the fee for pick up and delivery can be high. And when you’re paying a high fee for such a small amount of storage space, it can be hard to justify the cost of valet storage.

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