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Unique Ways To Declutter Your Home

Just store It | May 15, 2019

If you’re ready to tackle some of the messiest areas of your home, you still might have trouble creating systems to help you declutter and stay organized. After all, cleaning up is only half the battle — keeping it that way for the long-haul takes just as much effort.

For lasting organization and a clutter-free home, rent a storage unit at Just Store It! in Knoxville. We have a variety of storage unit sizes and amenities to keep all of your belongings safe and in one place.


The Hanger Method

As you’re going through your closet, you may have a hard time deciding what you should keep and what you should get rid of. If you’re unsure about certain items that you don’t wear very often, hang them with the hook facing out. If you wear that clothing item within six months, you can justify keeping it. If you don’t wear it in that time period, consider donating it or putting it in storage to save on closet space.

Vertical Space

It can be easy to overlook if you don’t already have hooks or shelving installed, but there are a lot of ways to make use of vertical wall space to store your belongings and cut down on clutter.

If your kitchen cabinets are filled to the brim with coffee mugs, consider installing hooks on the wall to hang some (or all) of them.

Instead of hanging towel bars in the bathroom that take up a lot of space, replace them with hooks or rings instead. This will help you make the most of wall space.

If you have a lot of decoration, picture frames, and other memorabilia, install floating shelves in your living room, down the hallway, and in areas that have a lot of open wall space. Not only will this cut down on clutter on surfaces like end and coffee tables, but it will add interest to your walls and highlight some of your favorite pieces of decor.

Storage Bins & Drawer Organizers

A lot of areas of the home tend to look cluttered simply because there are a lot of things laying out. It’s not necessarily messy, but it doesn’t really look clean either. A great solution for this is to invest in storage bins to keep things in.

Instead of having your magazines laid out across the coffee table, invest in a rack to keep them out of the way but accessible. Find a hollow ottoman to store extra blankets, pillows, and toys that are always used in the living room but don’t need to be out all the time.

For drawers and shelves that you can’t seem to keep organized, invest in organizers and separators that will keep things grouped without the threat of gravity knocking them over (we’re looking at you, tupperware).

Rent A Storage Unit

All of the organizing and decluttering in the world won’t help you if you just have too much stuff in your home. Identify items that you don’t use regularly and consider renting a storage unit for them to make more space in your home.

At Just Store It! in Knoxville, we offer a variety of storage unit sizes and amenities to accommodate your needs. Contact us today to learn more and rent your storage unit.