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How to Move a TV Into Storage

Just store It | Sep 12, 2019

One of the most loved, most fragile and most expensive items in the house is the TV. Whether you are planning a full house move, or are just looking to move the TV to another location, being nervous about moving the TV is completely normal. In order to help reduce stress, we provided a few tips and tricks for moving and storing a television. Read below.

4 Tips for Moving a TV

1. Take a Picture of Television Setup

Even if you are fairly confident in reconnecting the TV wires and cables, it still may be beneficial to take a picture of the back of the TV, so you know how to set it back up again later on.

2. Clean and Dust the TV

As you may know, one of the biggest threats to televisions as well as all electronics is dust. If left sitting on the electronic for an extended period of time, it can get inside of the air vents and cause damage. In order to remove dust from the TV, use compressed air to clear the dust out of the TV’s crevices. Next, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the TV and clear off any remaining dust. Once you have cleaned the TV, wipe down the cords with a cloth to clear off any dust that may be on them.

3. Use Original Packaging

The best way to keep your TV from getting bumped around during your move is to store it in its original packaging. While the box and padding will not protect your television from everything, they still are the best way to keep your TV from getting bumped around too much. If you did not hold onto the Styrofoam padding that came with the box, wrap bubble wrap around the screen to protect it.

4. Always Keep the TV Upright

When moving the TV, always keep it upright. Storing the TV laying down can severely damage both the screen and the TV’s internal parts.

How to Store a TV

If you recently upgraded appliances, you may be looking to store your TV. Try out these 3 TV storage tips below.

  1. Keep the TV vertical: Just like with moving a TV, when storing a TV, never place it on its side or back during storage. This can damage both the internal parts and the TV screen.
  2. Use a climate controlled storage unit: In order to protect the TV from fluctuations in temperature, use a climate controlled storage unit.
  3. Keep the TV elevated: Over time, it is possible for moisture to leak up from the floor of your storage unit and damage any items directly touching it. In order to protect your TV from damage, avoid storing it touching the ground.

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