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Turn Your Garage Into Something Other Than A Storage Space

Just store It | May 23, 2019

Every room in your home serves a purpose, so what are you using your garage for? If it’s just another storage space where you keep all of your holiday decor and outdoor gear, you’ve missed an opportunity to create a truly unique space in your home.

Instead of using your garage for all of your seasonal items, rent a storage unit and turn your garage into a place that you can actually enjoy. Contact Just Store It! in Knoxville to reserve your storage unit, and check out the following suggestions for repurposing your garage.

Auto Shop

If you enjoy fixing up cars or offer your mechanical skills to friends and family, you deserve to have a more professional space to work.

When you clean out your garage, you’ll have room to store auto parts and a toolbox, your car jack lifts, and you’ll be able to comfortably move around under the car on your mechanic creeper.

Game Room

If you enjoy having friends over for parties or get-togethers, you can now take your hosting skills to the next level by setting up a game room in your garage.

Whether you and your friends enjoy pinball, foosball, shuffleboard, pool, or poker, you’ll now have room for at least a couple of tables in this freshly cleaned out space.

Practice Space

This one might require some sound proofing so you don’t annoy your neighbors or roommates who share a wall with the garage, but a band practice space is a great way to repurpose your old storage spot.

Now you can keep your instruments set up in a safe place and not worry about having to break things down and pack them away, lugging them back to wherever it is that you’ve been storing them.

Guest Suite

If you regularly have overnight guests or you foresee your in-laws moving in with you soon, a great way to repurpose your garage is to turn it into a guest suite. This will require finishing the floors, walls, and adding better ventilation, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn your garage into a private space that your guests can enjoy.

Play Room

This is another idea that will require you to finish your garage, but it will give your kids their own space to develop their creativity and express themselves. If you have a utility sink in your garage, you can easily set up a craft area — and the kids can help decorate!

Imagine a room where kids can read, be creative, and play without making a mess in the rest of the house.


When it comes to your garage, using it as a storage space is fine, but there’s so much more you could be doing with it. These are just a few suggestions, but any of your hobbies could also inspire a new space to turn your garage into.

For everything you’re clearing out to make this dream a reality, there should be a safe, secure, and clean place to keep it. Contact Just Store It! in Knoxville to learn more about our storage unit sizes, amenities, and reserve yours today.