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How to Store Power Tools and Hand Tools

Just store It | Jul 20, 2019

Any homeowner knows that you need your hand and power tools more often than you may think. And usually, when you need your hand and power tools, you need them now. Whether it’s a leaky sink, fixing a broken chair or building a swing set for your daughter, you trust your hand and power tools to get the job done. But, if your tools aren’t stored properly, they may not be ready for their next task. Are you interested in learning how to store hand and power tools? Keep reading this blog!

6 Tool Storage Ideas

  • Follow manufacturer approved instructions- When storing any item, it is essential to follow the manufacturer approved instructions. Different brands of tools will require different care, and it is imperative that the tools receive the care they need.
  • Check for damaged tools- If you’ve have had your tools for a while, it’s possible that some may be damaged. Sort through your tool box and power tools and look for any that you may need to get rid of. There’s no sense in keeping tools that can’t be used, and this will help to lighten your load so you can find the tool you need easier.
  • Clean the tools off- After using a tool, it is important to clean it off. This can help to prevent rust from taking over your collection. If you haven’t been cleaning off the tools as you use them, clean them now. First, use a paint brush to get rid of the debris that can easily be removed. Next, go over any stubborn dirt spots with a cloth and some oil.
  • Treat rust- When cleaning off your tools, did you notice a few rust spots? It is important to treat rust as soon as you notice it to prevent the rust from getting worse. There are many different methods for removing rust, but generally speaking, using a scrubbing material will help to remove light to moderate rust.
  • Store the tools off of the ground- No matter where you choose to store your tools, never keep your tool box or power tools close to the ground. This area is prone to moisture and fluctuations in temperature, which can damage the tools.
  • Consider a climate controlled storage unit rental- Common tool storage locations like a tool shed, garage and basement are not great locations for storing tools. There areas are prone to fluctuations in temperature, which can cause the tools to rust. A climate controlled storage unit will help to protect your tools from dangerous fluctuations in temperature.

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