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Tips for Moving Out of the Dorms

Just store It | Mar 06, 2019

Now that you’ve survived your freshman year in the dorms, you’ve decided it’s time to move out on your own and experience a little more freedom. How do you move your belongings from home into your new place? And what from the dorms will also work in your new place?

Sometimes you bring everything from your parents’ home with you, but you don’t necessarily have room for it in your apartment. Instead of shipping it back to your parents’ home, keep it close and in a spot that’s convenient to get to, like a storage unit. Just Store It! in Fort Collins has a variety of storage unit sizes and amenities so you can safely store a number of belongings. Contact us for information and to reserve a storage unit today.

Stock Your Kitchen & Invest in Dishware

You don’t have to be eating off of fine china when you move out of the dorms and into your own place, but using paper plates and plastic cups for every meal isn’t sustainable. If you didn’t have any dishware when you lived in the dorms, it’s time to invest in a few plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, utensils, and cookware.

Gone are the days of cafeteria food now that you’re living in your own place. You’ll need to stock your kitchen with food and spices if you want to eat more than frozen meals every day. You can start with staple items and everyday spices and build as you become more confident and adventurous in your culinary endeavors.

If you have roommates, you can try to split the cost of groceries and dishware. Of course, this means you’ll have to stock up again whenever one of you moves out, but initially you’ll only need to purchase a few items per person to get your cabinets and pantry sufficiently stocked with food and dishware.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

When you lived in the dorms, you probably just needed to keep your room and maybe your bathroom clean. Now that you’re living on your own, you have a whole house or apartment to keep tidy. Create a cleaning schedule that is manageable for you and works with your schedule. Would you rather spread tasks out throughout the week and do a little bit at a time, or do you have a free day that you could dedicate to cleaning up around your place?

Remember that some things will need to be cleaned and maintained as necessary — sometimes even more often than others. Dusting and vacuuming probably only needs to be done once a week, but you’ll need to clean your kitchen and do laundry as messes are made. The best part about creating a schedule is that you can split it up between your roommates. If you have communal spaces that everyone shares, you can trade off who cleans which space to give yourself a break.

Stockpile Items You’ll Always Need

If space is limited in your place, this might not be an applicable tip. However, if you have an extra closet where you can store bulk items, it’s not a bad idea to stock up. You will never not need toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, hygiene products, and cleaning products.

It may seem like a lot of money initially, but it’s usually more cost-effective to purchase these types of items in bulk. You’ll make one larger purchase that will last you for several months instead of several smaller purchases every month.

What’s not recommended is purchasing snack food in bulk. You’re more likely to eat more when you know you have more, meaning that you’ll go through food more quickly and spend more money purchasing those items again. Put the barrel of cheese puffs down, but hang onto that 50-count package of toilet paper rolls.

Move in or Store Your Furniture

Your dorm room probably had most or all of the furniture you needed to live comfortably for the first year, but you can’t take that with you to your new place. You’ll probably need to rent a moving truck or borrow someone’s truck to move your bed frame, mattress, dresser, desk, and office chair from your parents’ house (if you have all of those things).

If you don’t have furniture for the main living areas of your home, like a dining set or a sofa, you can discuss splitting the cost with your roommates or check out second-hand furniture stores and online marketplaces like Facebook or Craigslist. You might be without some comforts for a while when you’re saving up for these larger purchases, but it’s worth it for the freedom of living on your own.


Speaking of furniture, if you have some time in between moving out of the dorms and moving into your own house (like summer vacation), you might need somewhere to keep your furniture and other belongings for the time being. A storage unit is a great option during this time because you can safely store everything you need to and quickly access it later.

At Just Store It! in Fort Collins, we offer a variety of storage units to accommodate your storage needs. We have small units if you need to store a few items and larger units for a lot of boxes and furniture. Check out our guide to learn what size of storage unit is right for you or watch the videos about our size guide. At Just Store It!, we’re committed to clean, secure, and convenient storage, so contact us today!