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The Best of Storage Tips and Tricks

Just store It | May 08, 2017


It’s our business to know moving and storage and the most effective ways to do it; we want to share our best of the best in tips and tricks. At Just Store It! this is all a part of providing a Clean, Secure, and Convenient Storage experience. These tips will help you save time, reduce your overall cost in renting a storage unit, and keep you from making mistakes that could cause danger to you or anyone around.

  • Rent the smallest amount of space you need and pack it full.
  • Gather as many boxes as you think you will need, tape, markers and packing material.
  • If possible, try to use uniform size boxes for easy stacking.
  • Make an inventory list of your items and keep it in a safe place just in case.
  • Prepare your space by placing a protective cover on the floor under your goods.
  • Any concrete floor may become cold and damp. Elevate your items on boards or pallets if you think they’ll need extra room to breathe.
  • Plan your storage space. Place those items that you may need to access often in the front.
  • Do not store anything COMBUSTIBLE (i.e., Paint thinner, gasoline, solvents, paint, etc.)
  • Leave an aisle down the center of the unit for easier access.
  • Stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top
  • Be sure your boxes are strong enough to hold 25-30 pounds and don’t overpack.
  • List contents of boxes on all four sides; number the boxes and seal with tape.
  • Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in paper and packed in sturdy boxes. Stack them on top.
  • Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard marked “FRAGILE” and stacked on end.
  • Furniture with drawers can be utilized as storage places for pictures, knick-knacks, china, silverware, small items, etc.
  • Larger appliances make excellent packaging spaces for blankets, towels, and clothes.
  • Put TV's and other electronics in the rear of your unit
  • Shovels, hoes, rakes and hoses can be stored together in empty trash cans. Stack extra cans inside each other.
  • Tables that have removable legs should be broken down to save space.
  • Sofas and love seats can be stored on end to save floor space.
  • Avoid placing sharp or heavy objects on top of upholstered furniture.
  • If you stand mattresses on their side, prop them up so they stand straight.
  • Wipe any items made of metal: bikes, metal tables, tools, etc. with machine oil to prevent rusting.

Finally, be careful! Moving heavy or bulky items for a couple of days can be incredibly taxing, even for people that are in good shape. Drink lots of water and always take a break if you feel like you need one.