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How To Pack For Your Study Abroad Semester

Just store It | May 17, 2019

The decision to leave Eastern Tennessee State University for a semester probably wasn’t an easy one — you’ll miss Spring Weekend, your best friends, and a semester at the best place on Earth.

However, your study abroad travels are sure to be worth it. Whether you’ll be frolicking along the shores of Barcelona or putting your French to test in Lyon, your semester abroad is sure to be inspiring, educational, and fun.

While you’re off on your adventure, though, what happens to the stuff you’re leaving in Johnson City?

Just Store It! is here to help keep your things in order while you’re across the border.

Check out these packing and storage tips as you prepare for your semester abroad.

Take A Backpack

If you’ve already started packing things into your trusty wheeling suitcase, think again. European cobblestone streets, train station staircases, and old hostels were not made for wheeling luggage. It’s well worth it to invest in a 50-60 litre pack, instead, so that you can more easily maneuver those foreign streets.

For safety concerns, you can always lock your zippers together so that people can’t infiltrate the backpack.

When you pack your bag, make sure to stuff heavier, bulkier items toward the bottom and then stuff clothing and light-weight items around the bulk.

Pack For Purpose

Instead of packing with the intention of looking good in mind, pack with the intention of purpose. It doesn’t suit you to bring six of the same type of item, even if you love all of them. Instead, prioritize how you’ll use an item. Get used to the idea of rewearing clothing more than you might normally.

Additionally, consider items like scarves and mid-weight jackets that can serve a few purposes. Scarves can dress up an outfit you’ve worn a bunch to make it different and can keep you warm. Mid-weight jackets can be used to shield against wind, rain, and even sun.

Leave Space

You’ll come back from your study abroad experience with a lot more than you initially had — more cultural fluency, more travel experiences, and, of course, more souvenirs.

Leave some space in the top of your pack to plan for these extra items. Better yet, pack a day pack that can fit within your bigger backpack. You can use your day pack throughout the trip, and you can also stuff it to the brim on your way back to Johnson City.

Find A Secure Storage Unit

While 60-litre packs can be like Mary Poppins’ purse, they can’t fit the whole kit and caboodle. With your remaining items that you can’t afford to bring with you, invest in a secure, long-term storage facility.

Your friend’s basement might be free, but is it secured, free from pests and mold, and climate-controlled? We didn’t think so.

If you’re worried about the price of a storage unit while you’re abroad, see if you can find another friend who will split the cost with you.

For great storage units at affordable prices, contact Just Store It! today in Johnson City.