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How to Store Books

Just store It | Oct 24, 2019

Do you have a growing book collection? Like with many other collections, they may eventually grow too big to be displayed in your home. When this happens, you may be looking to store your books to keep them in the best condition. Read this blog for the top tips for storing books.

6 Tips for Storing Books and Keeping Them in the Top Condition

  • Check the books to ensure they are clean: It isn’t uncommon to eat while reading. While this may make for a nice and relaxing evening, it sure is not good for the book. Any book that has food stains or residue on it should not be stored with the other books. The smell of food can attract pests, bugs and vermin, which can ruin your books.
  • Wrap the books before storing: To keep your books free from damage while in storage, wrap them in paper towels. Paper towels will help to keep any dust or dirt from settling on the books, which can damage them over time.
  • Place the books into storage containers for storage: Use plastic storage containers to keep moisture, bugs or anything else form getting near your books. To ensure the storage container is able to protect your books well, make sure the lid fits on the container very securely. To keep the boxes from being too heavy, always use a smaller bin for storage.
  • Store books vertically: A book is designed to be stored vertically. To keep it in the best shape while in storage, store the books upright but do not pack too many books together.
  • Keep books out of direct heat and light: Never store your book bins under hot appliances or heat ducts. If they are stored too closely to a heat source, they may become warped. Additionally, never store your books close to a window. While soft room light will not hurt your books, direct sunlight from the windows will fade your book covers.
  • Store your books in a climate controlled storage unit: The best place to store books is in a location that is free from fluctuations in temperature. Unfortunately, this means that common storage areas like the basement, garage and attic are not suitable for storing books. If you have a particularly large book collection, or do not have the space to store your books in your closets, consider a climate controlled storage unit.

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