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Moving a Pool Table into Storage

Just store It | Dec 13, 2019

For any billiards fan, a pool table is a great addition to the home. When a pool table is added to a home, it is usually placed in a permanent spot. But if you are moving or remodeling the home, you may be looking to take apart, pack up, move and store a pool table. Unfortunately, though, due to the weight, size and value, taking apart and moving a pool table can be very difficult. Read below to learn how to take apart and store a pool table.

How to Take a Pool Table Apart

Before starting the process, it is important to make sure you have the tools and supplies required for the job available to you. You will need a screwdriver, socket wrench, power drill and safety goggles to keep your eyes safe. Depending on how the pockets and felt is attached, you may also need a staple remover.

1. Take Out the Pockets

The pockets will either be attached to the pool table using screws and staples. If the pockets are attached with screws, use the screwdriver to free them. If the pockets are attached with staples, pull them out with a staple remover.

2. Remove the Rails

Next, loosen the bolts attaching the rails to the pool table. Once the bolts are loose, remove them and gently slide the rails off of the pool table. Keep all of the nuts and bolts for the rails together in a small plastic bag.

3. Pull Back the Felt

The felt is either glued or stapled to the pool table. If the felt is attached to the table using staples, carefully remove the staples and free the felt. If the felt is attached using glue, slowly peel the felt back. If you have had the pool table for years and the felt is starting to look worn, it may be a great time to replace it. If you plan on reusing the felt, be very careful when pulling it up as it can tear.

4. Take Off the Slates

Pool table slates are very heavy, with each slate weighing between 150 to 200 pounds. Never try and remove the slates yourself. Ask a few friends to help you lift the pool table slates from the table to the ground.

Take Apart the Table

Once every other step has been completed, you can now take the table apart. To take it apart, simply turn the table upside down and place it on a blanket. Remove the table legs and wrap them up with moving blankets.

Quick Tips for Storing a Pool Table

If you are moving or renovating, you may need to place your pool table in storage. To protect your pool table from damage during storage, follow these tips: • Wrap each piece in moving blankets: Keep all of the pieces of the table wrapped in moving blankets during the move. This will help to protect your table from dust settling on it in storage. • Use a climate controlled storage unit: It is essential to store any wooden item in a climate controlled storage unit. If not, over time, fluctuations in temperature can age and warp the wood.

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