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How to Store a Lawn Mower for Winter

Just store It | Sep 19, 2019

While a lawn mower is a staple in the spring and summer, it is no longer needed come fall and winter. In order to keep your lawn mower in great condition for next spring and summer, it is essential that it is store correctly. Read this blog for tips for storing a lawn mower.

5 Tips for Storing a Lawn Mower

  • Disconnect the spark plug and blade: Incorrectly handling a lawn mower blade and spark plug can result in serious injury. If you have any questions regarding how to remove the spark plug from your model of lawn mower, consider contacting the manufacturer. In order to prevent injury, remove the spark plug and tape it out of the way. Once the spark plug has been disconnected, remove the lawn mower blade. To disconnect the blade from the lawn mower, unscrew the bolts holding the blade into place.
  • Get rid of the gasoline: How you choose to get the gasoline out of the lawn mower will really depend on how much gas is left in the lawn mower. If there isn’t very much gasoline left in the lawn mower, it may be easiest to just run the lawn mower until all of the fuel is used up. If there is a fair amount of gasoline left in the mower, siphon it out to use for your car or snow blower.
  • Remove debris from inside of mower: Next, hose down the inside of the mower to remove any grass, mud or dirt that may be stuck inside.
  • Disconnect the battery: In order to keep the battery in the top condition for next year, remove it from the lawn mower. Once the battery has battery has been removed, clean it using a metal brush then coat the battery terminals with a protectant product. It is essential to keep the battery in location that is cool and dry. Additionally, never store the battery near your water heater, gas cans or furnace.
  • Store the lawn mower in a temperature controlled area: The best way to protect the longevity of your lawn mower is to store it in a location that is free from fluctuations in temperature. Unfortunately, the garage, basement and attic are prone to fluctuations in temperature, which makes them not a good storage location. Instead, consider storing your lawn mower in a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit maintains a steady temperature ideal for storing sensitive items like a lawn mower.

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