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5 Gas Grill Winter Storage Tips

Just store It | Oct 11, 2019

Are you an avid grilling during the spring and summer? Well, unfortunately as the weather turns to spring and fall, it is essential to store your grill for winter. Correctly storing your grill during the winter will help to keep it in the best condition for future cookouts! Are you interested in learning how to winterize a grill? Check out these tips below!

How to Clean a Grill for Winter and Other Winter Storage Tips

1. Clean the Inside of the Grill

To clean the grill, turn the grill on to maximum heat and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. This level of heat will burn any food and grease off of the grates and will clean out the burners and fuel lines. Next, take your grill brush and scrub the grates to remove any food residue. Unfortunately, turning the grill to high isn’t enough to clean the drip pans, shelves or cabinets. Use antibacterial soap to clean each of these pieces and parts.

2. Scrub the Outside of the Grill

A lot of food residue, grease and dirt can get stuck to the outside of the grill during the long grilling season. This can not only lead to corrosion, but it can also attract pests. Before putting your grill into storage, use a cloth and soapy water to wipe down the outside of the grill. After cleaning, dry each part of the grill to thoroughly.

3. Detach the Propane Tank

It is important to understand that the propane tank is highly flammable and combustible. To prevent injury or damage from occurring, the tank should be handled properly.

4. Cover Your Grill

One of the best ways to protect your grill from corrosion is to keep it covered during storage. When choosing a grill cover, pick one that is waterproof and fits your grill snuggly.

5. Store Your Grill Indoors

The worst thing you can do for your grill is to leave it outside all winter long in the damaging elements. While storing a grill in the garage is better than storing it outside, the garage is still prone to fluctuations in temperature which can damage the grill. Instead, consider storing your grill in a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will best protect the grill from dangerous fluctuations in temperature.

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