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Tips for Moving a Dining Room Table and Chairs into Storage

Just store It | Jun 29, 2019

If you are moving or upgrading furniture, you may be planning on moving and storing your dining room table. In order to prevent your table from getting damaged during the transition, it is important to do so correctly.

Searching for the best tips for moving and storing a dining room table and chairs? You’ve come to the right place! Check out these tips below.

How to Pack and Move a Dining Room Table

  • Clean off the table- Just like when moving and storing anything else, it is important to clean off the table first. Even if the table looks clean, it is more than possible that there is caked on residue present. To clean the table, mix a very mild solution of dish soap and water.
  • Remove the table legs- In order to remove the table legs, you’re going to need to turn the table over. Place a blanket on the floor to prevent the surface of the table from getting scratched and set the table on top of it with the legs sticking up. Legs are typically attached to the table by glue or screws. If the legs are attached using glue, use a putty knife to break the glue’s seal and remove the legs. If the legs are screwed in, unscrew them and place all pieces and parts in a bag for safekeeping. If the legs can’t be removed, wrap them in bubble wrap.
  • Remove the table leaf: When moving anything, your goal is always to make the item as small and light as possible. If your table has a leaf, remove it. Wrap the leaf in moving blankets to protect it during your move.
  • Wrap the table in moving blankets: In order to protect the table from getting scratched or dinged during your move, wrap it in moving blankets. Once the table is fully wrapped, use packaging tape to keep the blanket secure around the table. Avoid sticking any packaging tape to the table, only to the blankets.

How to Pack and Move Dining Room Chairs

While moving and storing chairs is very similar to a table, it’s also a bit easier. Find tips for moving dining room table chairs below.

  • Clean the chairs- Similar to cleaning the table, create a mild solution of water and soap to clean the chairs.
  • Wrap the chairs in moving blankets- Use moving blankets to wrap the chairs and keep them from getting damaged.

How to Store a Dining Room Table

  • Leave the table dismantled during storage- Do not put back together the table for storage. This can cause unnecessary stress on the joints of the table which overtime may lead to damage. Instead, leave the table fully dismantled in the storage unit.
  • Rent a climate controlled storage unit- Wood is very prone to fluctuations in temperature. In order to prevent the table from becoming cracked or warped, use a climate controlled storage unit.

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