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Storage Tips For Empty-Nesters

Just store It | May 09, 2019

Oh, the peace and quiet of empty nesting. No longer do you have to chauffeur kids to sports practices, make a daily trip to Costco to replenish the snack supply, or worry about your kids coming home after curfew.

While your children might be gone from the house, though, their things still remain.

Your Guide To Dealing With Your Kids’ Things

It can be hard as an empty nester to think about how to tackle years and years worth of clothes, trinkets, trophies, and junk. For one, it’s not really even your stuff. It’s also incredibly hard to “throw away” memories. If you’re dealing with this conundrum, we have a few tips that can help you navigate the process.

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1. Make Your Kid Help

As we mentioned, one of the hardest parts of sifting through your kids’ stuff is the fact that it’s not even yours! You might look in your daughter’s closet and see her favorite sweater — the one she wore when she won the Science Fair, went to her first concert, and got accepted to the college of her dreams.

But when she looks in the closet, she might see a ratty, oversized, worn down, good-for-nothing piece of fabric.

This situation illustrates the importance of involving your kid in the clean-up process. When they’re home on a break, have them spend an hour sorting things into piles: keepsakes to treasure, items to donate, and things to throw away.

This way, you distribute some of the responsibility.

2. Repurpose Old Shirts

Clothing is some of the hardest to get rid of, even if it’s technically the most useless for you and your adult child. Those shirts from all those softball tournaments, college organizations, charity events, and family reunions. It’s not like you’re ever going to wear the shirts again, but they also each have memories woven into their fibers.

Consider getting these items repurposed into a blanket, quilt, tapestry, or framed work of art. All of a sudden the drawers full of t-shirts are a consolidated, usable entity.

3. Make Use Of Storage Units

For all the items you just can’t throw away, that aren’t easy to donate, or that still serve a limited purpose, consider a storage unit.

Why clutter your basement or garage with things you’ll probably never look at, if but once a year? Plus, when you keep such treasured memories in a storage unit, you benefit from a secured, temperature-controlled premise.

Having a storage unit is a much better alternative than keeping papers and clothing in a mildew-prone basement, too.

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