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Space-Saving Tips For Your Home

Just store It | May 01, 2019

No matter how many times you might upsize your home, there’s always the same issue: not enough space! The human tendency of filling space because it exists is one of the most interesting behaviors. If you move to a house with double the square-footage, then you can easily get double the stuff to fill it.

If you prefer living in a smaller home, then space shortages have probably plagued your housekeeping since you signed off on the mortgage.

Space-Saving Methods For Your Home

In both cases — bigger houses with a lot of clutter and smaller houses with a shortage of space — there are a few tried-and-true methods to maximize your storage. Check them out.

Invest In Ottomans

Ottomans are the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to home furniture. Not only do ottomans provide necessary seating and foot rests, but they also tend to be secret storage containers as well.

All those blankets that you use once a year if the heat goes out or guests come over to stay? Put them in the ottoman.

All those extra clothes that you don’t have enough closet space for? Fold them up neatly, a la Marie Kondo, and store them in the ottoman.

You get the idea. Ottomans epitomize form and function.

Make Use Of Vertical Space

Often, when we think of extra storage, we think of under-the-bed rolling containers, furniture pieces, and cabinets. But what about the space between your furniture and your ceiling? Vertical space in the home is by far the most underutilized storage asset.

Here are a few ways to make use of vertical space:

  • Hanging racks or cabinets
  • Shelving that extends to where the ceiling meets the wall
  • In-wall shelving
  • Ladders

If you find an awkward gap on the walls between your furniture and ceiling, don’t reserve it only for decor. Think about how it can add space, instead.

Under-Stair Storage

This trick might take a bit of effort, but using the space under your staircase is a creative solution to storage problems. Without storage, your staircase is a giant waste of space. When you add drawers, cabinets, or storage closets under the stairs, however, you add a great deal of storage space.

You could even go as far as to make your steps into drawers. We recommend reserving this option for off-season shoes, hats, gloves, and items that you don’t need access to all of the time. Putting shoes in this location also makes it easy to grab your shoes, sit on the steps to put them on, and be on your way.

Use A Storage Unit

Sometimes the reality is that you just need to declutter and open up your home. When it comes to off-season clothing and keepsakes, though, you still want to keep these items. The best solution for this conundrum is investing in a storage unit. You don’t need your 30-year-old’s kindergarten graduation diploma in the house, but you can rest assured knowing it’s safe in a storage unit.

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