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How to Store Rugs: 7 Must-Follow Tips

Just store It | Jul 30, 2019

Do you own a rug you’re looking to store? Maybe you are storing the rug because it’s out of season or because you recently got a new rug but still like the old one. Whatever the reason, if you are placing a rug into storage, it means you’d like to use it in the future. Unfortunately, if a rug isn’t properly stored, it may become damaged and unusable. Are you looking for rug storage tips to protect your rug from damage? Check out these tips below!

Rug Storage Tips from the Experts

  • Clean the rug: Storing any item before cleaning it off is a very bad idea. But, storing a sensitive item like a rug before properly cleaning it can result in permanent damage. When cleaning the rug, first check the manufacturer approved instructions for any information about the care of the rug. Different kinds of rug will require different care and it is essential that the rug gets cleaned the right way. If the manufacturer approved instructions are not available or have been removed, have the rug professionally cleaned. Before storing your rug, ensure it is properly dry.
  • Roll the rug up for storage: In order to place the lease amount of stress on the rug fibers as possible, roll the rug up for storage. When rolling the rug, it is essential to roll it with the grain. Depending on the material of the rug, there may be further instructions or guidelines. If you aren’t sure how to roll the rug, search for your material online.
  • Use a rug storage bag: A rug storage bag will help to protect your rug from dirt, pests or moisture. Rug storage bags can easily be purchased online or at any store that sells rugs.
  • Use a climate controlled storage unit: When storing your rug, it is important to use a climate controlled storage unit. Over time, storing a rug in an area prone to fluctuations in temperature can age, weather or permanently damage the rug.
  • Keep the rug elevated: Regardless of where you choose to store the rug, it is essential to keep it elevated. When you store a rug on concrete ground, overtime, it is possible for moisture to leak up. Additionally, when you store a rug close to the ground, there’s a greater chance of items getting set on top of it. The best place to store a rug long-term is on top of a table or shelf.
  • Stand the rug up vertically: Always keep the rug standing vertical in storage. Laying it down horizontally can result in flat spots forming on the rug.
  • Check up on the rug: It is important to never put a sensitive item like a rug into storage and then just forget about it. Check on the rug every couple of months. If damage has occurred, it is important to know about it as soon as possible.

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