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Ways To Re-Purpose Your Garage

Just store It | Apr 29, 2019

On average, a two-car garage measures 676 square feet. In Johnson City, the median price per square foot of a house is $120. So, if you do the math, your garage is worth about $81,120.

Are you currently using your garage as if it’s worth that much money? If you’re like most homeowners in the area, chances are that you aren’t maximizing your garage’s potential — or value.

4 Ways To Repurpose Your Garage

In fact, aside from housing cars, most garages exist as a space for miscellaneous items that are too hard or too important to throw away. Possessions from your college-aged child that you can’t bear to get rid of; old furniture that you’re waiting for your daughter to pick up; seasonal decorations that you only use once a year — and the list goes on.

Your garage is worth a whole lot more than being a storage facility. In fact, that’s why storage units exist in the first place! Consider these ways to repurpose your garage and make use of its awesome space.


1. Create A Home Office

Are you looking to work remotely full-time? Do you need peace and quiet to get anything done, but can’t seem to find it in the hustle and bustle of your home? Repurposing your garage into the ultimate home office might be a good alternative.

In addition to having decent natural light and aeration (thanks to garage doors that can lift up), garages lend themselves nicely to home offices. You probably already have the built-in storage, as well, that makes organizing a home garage office much easier.

2. Build A Yoga Studio

While you might not be able to create a heated yoga studio (unless you invest in some garage-specific insulation and heated lights), the surface of a garage is excellent for a yoga or fitness studio. The flat, concrete floor is perfect for laying out yoga mats, setting up weight machines, and creating safe workout spaces.

You can also hook up a speaker system to listen to some tunes while you practice yoga or workout. When things start to get too sweaty and stuffy, you can just open the garage door for a cool breeze.

3. Start A Play Area

If you don’t have room in the house for a play area, the garage might be a good candidate. While you might have to put some upfront energy into child-proofing the area, you can start to think of your garage like you would any other room of the house.

Add a rubber floor for a soft material, paint the space a bright color, and bring in toys for a fun-centered space that is far enough removed from the rest of the house.

4. Build A Fan Cave

Why watch the games in the darkness of a basement? Upgrade your garage into the ultimate fan cave by adding a flat screen television, comfortable couch, kegerator, and anything else you need to watch the teams you love.

Making Use Of Storage Units

When you start to dream of a useful garage, you probably start to wonder what you’ll do with everything that’s currently occupying the space. That’s where our storage units come into play. You can keep everything you might need (but only use once a year) in the convenience of our local storage units, rather than as a clutter-contributor in the garage.

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