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Realtors: Look for These Qualities in a Storage Facility Before Recommending it to Clients

Just store It | Mar 13, 2019

If you’re a realtor, your main responsibility to your clients is finding them a safe place to live, in a home that is affordable and will accommodate their needs and lifestyle. That isn’t the only thing your clients are looking for, though. As a realtor, you may be one of your clients’ only resources for getting to know a new city. This includes knowing about schools in the area, places to shop, restaurants to eat at, and also where they can store their belongings during their move, if needed. As their trusted source, it’s important to look for certain qualities in storage units to recommend to your clients.

At Just Store It!, we have a variety of sizes and amenities to accommodate your clients’ storage needs. Contact us today to learn more and recommend us the next time one of your clients asks about storage units in your area!

Clean Facility

There’s nothing worse than visiting a storage facility and finding that it isn’t being taken care of. What does that say about the condition of the items being stored there? If a facility has dirt, debris, or water building up anywhere, chances are that these elements are causing damage to items in storage as well. Make sure the storage facility you’re recommending is clean and maintained.

Variety of Sizes

Your clients come from different backgrounds and have different needs for storage. If they’re downsizing, your clients will need a larger storage unit for their furniture and boxes; clients moving into homes that will fit all of their belongings may still want a smaller storage unit to keep holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, our outdoor gear. It’s important that a facility can accommodate both types of clients — as well as everyone in between.

Easy Access

When a client needs to store a lot of furniture, the best storage unit for them is one they’ll be able to drive right up to so that they can unload and store their belongings easily. If a facility only offers indoor storage, it will be difficult for these clients to move their heavier items in and then out again, so they may opt for a different facility.

Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage is great for clients who won’t have space at their new home for their extra vehicles, their boat, or their RV. Being able to recommend a storage facility that will keep your clients’ extra vehicles safe and in good condition while not on their property is a huge asset.

Climate Control

Most items that your clients need to store must be kept at a certain temperature and climate. This includes clothing, furniture, artwork, and a variety of other belongings. Make sure a storage facility offers climate-controlled storage units before recommending them to your clients.

Flexible Hours

When people want to access their own belongings, they should be able to do it on a schedule that works for them. Look for storage facilities that allow their renters to access their storage unit at any time. Your clients will be glad for it.


At Just Store It!, we are committed to clean, convenient, and secure storage. If you’re a realtor, check to see if we have a location in your area and start recommending us to your clients!