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Perks Of Storage Units For College Summers

Just store It | Apr 29, 2019

As another year at UT comes to a close, you’re probably gearing up for your summer plans. Whether you’ve landed a high-speed internship in Washington D.C. or you’re planning to study abroad in Spain, your summer schedule might take you thousands of miles from school.

Or, you might be hanging around Knoxville and working as a summer orientation leader, living in dorms and introducing freshmen to the incredible UT experience.

Whether your summer adventures are taking you around the corner or across the globe, renting a storage unit can make the journey a whole lot easier. Here’s why.

Storage Units Can Be Short-Term

One of the most hair-pulling parts of being a college student is figuring out where you’re going to live from year to year. Even when you’ve found a place to live, it can be hard to match up lease start and end dates. What are you to do if your apartment complex has you out by May 30 and the lease on your house doesn’t start until August 1?

Instead of paying rent for your things for two months, only to have to move them again, it makes more sense to get a short-term storage unit. Plus, moving in and out of a storage unit is much easier than a house thanks to elevators and dollies.

Storage Units Are Temperature-Controlled And Secured

You might be able to handle the heat of a Tennessee summer without air conditioning, but your things might not fair as well. That’s because hot, humid Tennessee summers cause a plethora of moisture-related issues. Your unused mattress might grow mildew, just as you might need to wash all of your clothes when you’re finally back.

If you opt for a storage unit instead, you can rest-assured that your things are in a dryer, cooler environment than they would be in a college house or apartment.

Additionally, our storage units at Just Store It! in Knoxville have security in the form of cameras, lighting, and secure-access gates. You won’t have to worry about your belongings like you might in a college neighborhood.

Storage Units Make Up For Small Spaces

You’ve finally secured your dream house location with your best friends from college, right in the heart of Fort Sanders — but your room is the size of a closet.

In these scenarios, it can be easier to get space-appropriate furniture than trying to move all of your belongings into the small space. However, if you have nice things that you don’t want to sell or get rid of, then a storage unit is your best bet for housing this surplus.

Our Storage Units Are Right Near UT

For convenient, student-friendly storage units, check out Just Store It! in Knoxville. We have a variety of storage units available in different sizes, so there’s sure to be one that fit your needs. Plus, we offer easy online payment, so you don’t need to be in Knoxville to manage your unit.

Contact us today to see which storage unit will work best for you!