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How to Pack Plates in 6 Steps

Just store It | Aug 22, 2019

One of the most time consuming and stressful rooms to pack is the kitchen. With so many expensive and fragile pieces and parts, it is important that items in the kitchen are packed properly. One of the items that is the most difficult to pack are dishes. Whether they are your wedding dishes, or just your family dishes, it is essential that they are packed correctly. Read this blog for helpful tips for packing dishes!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Dishes and Plates

1. Find Packing Supplies

When moving dishes, it is important to use new and clean boxes. When you use a used box, there is the potential of the box smelling like food, which can attract pests and vermin to your storage unit. Besides new boxes, you will also need packing tape and crumpled up paper for padding.

2. Wash All of the Dishes

Before following any other steps, make sure all of the dishes you are planning to pack are clean. Take care to hand wash each dish or run each dish through the dish washer to ensure that it is completely clean.

3. Tape the box seam closed

When taping the bottom of the box closed, keep in mind how heavy the items will be that are going inside of it. Take care to add an extra layer of tape to the bottom of the box to prevent dishes from falling out the bottom.

4. Wrap all Dishes with Packing Paper

Next, use packing paper to wrap all of the dishes up. In order to wrap the dishes, place the paper diagonally on the dish and tuck the ends around to keep it secure.

5. Add heavier items into the box first

In order to avoid crushing and cracking lighter items, always add heavier items into the boxes first. Once all of the heavy items are packed, lighter items can be added to the top of the box to keep the contents of the box from shifting.

6. Add Padding to the Top of the Box

Once all of the dishes are packed inside of the box, add crumpled up paper to the box to pad it. This will help to protect your dishes and prevent them from breaking if the box gets bumped.

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