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Organization Tips For Your Clarksville Home

Just store It | May 14, 2019

When it comes to your Clarksville home, each room serves a specific purpose. If you’re trying to organize, it’s important to keep the function of each room in mind when deciding where to store and place things.

Check out the following tips for organizing each and every room in your home, and for belongings that you just don’t have a place for, contact Just Store It! to keep them safe, protected, and prevent them from cluttering up your home.


The kitchen is notorious for being a catch-all for clutter in the home, but it has a very specific purpose — a place to prepare and eat meals.

Designate areas in your home to store items that always end up in the kitchen (but don’t belong there). Purchase a basket to store mail, hang a coat rack for jackets and bags, and add drawer dividers to your “junk drawer” to keep it somewhat organized.

Living Room

The living room is a place for a variety of activities, making this area prone to clutter. Use storage spaces that double as furniture, like a hollow ottoman, to store blankets, games, and electronics. You can also use storage bins, baskets, shelving, and magazine racks to store items. If you have a lot of decorations, alternate between them so your living room doesn’t look too busy.

Home Office

Your home office is where you go over finances, take some time in respite to read your favorite books, and get some work done. In order to stay productive and focused, use a file management system to keep different documents safely stored. Create a system for “new,” “in progress,” and “finished” work.


An organized bedroom helps you relax and sleep better at night. Take the time to make your bed every day, put away clean laundry, and use organizers to store jewelry and accessories.


Bathrooms are one of the smaller rooms in your home, so keeping them clean and organized is vital. Throw out any expired makeup, skin care products, and medication to keep your cabinets clean. Use hooks instead of towel bars to save on vertical space.


Make the most of vertical space by installing shelves to stack belongings in your closet. If items in your closet are only used a few times a year, consider putting them in a storage unit to create space for items you use more regularly.


Depending on your hobbies, your garage could serve a variety of purposes. One that it shouldn’t be is a storage unit. Items are more likely to reach extreme temperatures in your garage and could be susceptible to pests. If you’re storing a lot of belongings in your garage, consider moving them to a storage unit instead.


As you go through each room of your home and organize, you might notice items that you don’t have a particular place for but don’t want to get rid of. For items like these, seasonal items, or belongings you don’t use very often, rent a storage unit to keep them safe and in good condition. Contact Just Store It! in Clarksville today for more information about our different sizes of storage units and available amenities.