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Organization Systems To Make Life At Home Run More Smoothly

Just store It | May 17, 2019

Each room in your home serves a specific purpose, but what happens when you start to accumulate belongings in each room that detract from that purpose? You may be able to complete tasks like you normally would, but you’ve probably noticed you have a harder time focusing.

While in your home office, you’re trying to go over your household budget, but instead you’re thinking, “Wow, I have a lot of mail to go through,” “Where did I put that utility bill, anyway?” and, “Has that inspirational poster always been crooked?”

With so much disorganization around you — and in most rooms of your home — it can be difficult to stay productive. Check out the following tips to organize your home, and contact Just Store It! in Knoxville to rent a storage unit for all those extra belongings that don’t have a good place to live.


Labeled Baskets

One of the best ways to keep things organized in your home is to set up a storage system with baskets, bins, or other receptacles. Create a basket for unopened mail, one for bills that need to be paid, and one for bills that have been paid and need to be filed.

The same goes for other rooms in your home. In your living room, designate a basket for extra blankets and pillows, a container for games, and a basket for electronics.

Your kitchen is another area that could benefit from the basket method. If you’re constantly sifting through containers and jars in your pantry to find one box of cake mix, you could probably implement this organization method. Instead of knocking things over while you’re looking through the shelves, organize ingredients into baskets.

Cereal can go in one, granola bars can go in another, baking ingredients in another, and canned food in another. This will not only make things easier to find, but it will also keep your pantry more organized and cleaner.

You don’t necessarily have to label the baskets either. Unless you have a hard time keeping track of your organization system, labeling is just an extra step.

Your Clothing

Another way to make your life easier is to organize your closet. A shoe rack will help make use of the vertical space in your closet and keep the floor cleaned up. It will also make it easier for you to access shoes that would otherwise be shoved into the back of your closet.

You can organize your clothes by style and/or color. Group all of your tank tops together, then all of your T-shirts, then your ¾-sleeve shirts, then long sleeves, then different lengths for skirts, dresses, and bottoms. You can then arrange each section by color.

Alternatively, you could group things together first by color and then by length — it’s entirely your preference and what organization style works best for you.

Storage Space

As you go through and organize, set items aside that you don’t use very often. These items can be stored. At Just Store It! in Knoxville, we offer storage units to accommodate a variety of storage needs.

Whether you’re organizing your home or moving to a new one, we have different sized storage units available that will fit all the belongings you need to store. Contact us today to learn more and rent a storage unit.