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Moving into Your First Apartment Checklist

Just store It | Jan 21, 2020

Moving out of your parents’ house and into your first apartment is a very exciting time. As with any big decision, moving into your own apartment can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, when you follow a few quick tips, moving into your first apartment will be a breeze. Try out these tips below.

Moving into First Apartment Checklist: 5 Essential Tips to Follow

1. Determine What You Can Afford and Stick to a Budget

Budgeting for your first apartment can be tricky. In order to be able to move into your first apartment, it is important to budget accurately and stick to it. To determine if you can afford your first apartment, spend time writing down all of your monthly expenses. This may include what you’d like to pay in rent, utilities, pet rent, rental insurance, food and gas. If the expenses aren’t set, like for food and gas, estimate how much you’d ideally like to spend on them monthly. Once you have added up all of your monthly expenses, subtract the total from your net monthly income. This will tell you how much money you have left over once all of your expenses have been accounted for.

2. Know What Amenities You’d Prefer

Next, make a list of the amenities and features you’d like included with your apartment rental. Do you want your apartment to have an outdoor pool? Or a washer and dryer in unit? When searching for an apartment, filter by the features you prioritize.

3. Explore Apartments That Match Your Criteria

Once you know how much you’re able to pay in rent and have a list of the amenities and features you’d like, it is time to tour apartments. Research apartments in the area you’re looking to move and make a list of the buildings you’d like to tour. Once you have narrowed down the apartments you’re considering, schedule tours with the rental managers.

4. Understand the Lease

Before signing a lease, make sure you fully understand it. Keep an eye out for the sections that pertain to you, like the late rent, visitor and pet policies. If you have any questions about the phrasing or conditions, speak up.

5. Decide What Stays and What Goes

You likely will not need every item from your childhood home. As you’re packing up your room, look for items you no longer want or need to bring to your new apartment. If the items are sentimental, ask your parents if you can leave them with them. Otherwise, consider donating any belongings that still have life left in them.

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