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Couch Storage Tips: How to Move and Store a Couch

Just store It | Aug 09, 2019

A couch is a staple in every household. This is the spot where you relax after long days, fall asleep on movie nights and enjoy a cup of coffee on each Saturday morning. But now you’re moving and are taking your couch with you. In order to keep your couch free from damage, it is essential that it is moved and stored correctly. Try out these tips below!

How to Move a Couch

  • Take the cushions and pillows off of the couch frame- First, remove the cushions and pillows from the couch. Place the cushions and pillows to the side where you can easily find them later on. Removing the cushions will make it easier to clean the couch.
  • Clean the couch- If there is a chance you’ll be storing your couch for even a short period of time, it is important to thoroughly clean it before moving. When cleaning the couch, first vacuum off the entire outside of the couch as well as in the crack between the arm rest and cushion support. Next, if it is a fabric couch, check the couch, cushions and pillows for any stains. If there are stain, use a spot remover to clean them.
  • Treat the couch with wax or polish- If the couch is leather or has wooden parts, it is important to clean it before storage. A leather couch can be treated with a leather cleaner or conditioner. The wooden parts on the couch should be treated with a wooden furniture wax.
  • Find your exit strategy- In order to prevent the couch from getting scratched, dinged or damaged, measure the couch ahead of your move to determine how it will get outside to the moving truck. If you have a narrow door entryway, consider turning the couch to the side to make it fit.
  • Wrap the couch in moving blankets- While it is essential to wrap the couch to protect it during a move, never use plastic wrap. Plastic wrap can trap moisture and cause mold or mildew to form. Instead, drape moving blankets over the couch. In order to keep the moving blankets in place, consider tying them with rope or string.

Couch Storage Tips

If your new home isn’t ready quite yet, you may be looking to store your couch. When storing a couch, it is essential to follow these 3 tips below.

  • Elevate the couch with pallets: Over time, it is possible for moisture to seep up from the cement inside of your storage unit and reach your items. In order to prevent this from happening, elevate the couch using pallets.
  • Store the couch clear from walls: When a couch is stored touching a wall, it is possible for condensation to form and damage the couch. To prevent this from happening, store your couch a few inches from the wall.
  • Never store a couch on its side during storage: This can permanently damage the structure of the couch. Instead, keep the couch the right way up and avoid placing any items on top of the couch during storage.

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