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Military-Friendly Storage Units For Your Next PCS/Deployment

Just store It | May 15, 2019

If you serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, you’re no stranger to moving around a lot. Whether you joined the Air Force to see the world or joined the National Guard to protect our country, you’re acclimated to moving every two years or so.

Luckily, as you know, the U.S. government compensates you and your family for your moving expenses. That doesn’t always make the logistics of a move easier, though, which is why Just Store It! in Johnson City offers convenient, secure storage units for military personnel and their families.

Here are a few situations where using your housing allowance, per diem, or moving compensation for a storage unit makes a lot of sense.

Tennessee Is Your Home Of Record

If Tennessee is your home of record and you plan on re-settling in the state after a posting, then having a storage unit in the area makes a lot of sense.

Especially if you’re shipping off to boot camp, deploying overseas, or going on TDY for an extended period of time, having a storage unit ensures that your items are safe and consolidated for when you return.

Even if you have a friend who offered their basement, keeping your things in a storage unit is better for insurance purposes, safe-keeping, and security. Why risk it when it comes to the things you’re leaving behind?

You’ll Be Out Of The Country

If you’ll be deployed, having a storage unit with on-site management and easy online bill pay is practically non-negotiable. You won’t have the capacity or time to actively manage your things, and a storage unit can take over this responsibility for you.

In fact, our storage unit facility in Johnson City can sign for packages, so you can have things delivered directly to your storage unit instead of sending them to a family member’s house.

Items Aren’t Worth Shipping To Your Next Duty Station

Shipping items to your next duty station, whether you do a full or partial military move, can be a hassle because of the time. If you’re being stationed overseas, the time it’ll take to have your things shipped could be months. Depending on the length of the move and the types of things you’re shipping, it might also not make sense to move fragile items.

We’ve all experienced the times when a moving company does a perfunctory job — your grandma’s china was wrapped precariously among all of your golf clubs. When your shipment finally arrives, you find the china cracked. While you’ve filed an inventory report, it’s still a cumbersome process.

In these instances, it makes much more sense to keep your things stateside in a storage unit and find a fully furnished place in your next duty station.

Military-Friendly Storage Units

Work with a storage unit facility that understands the military lifestyle. We offer climate-controlled, always-secured facilities in a variety of sizes. Contact Just Store It! in Johnson City today to find a long-term storage unit that works for you.