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How To Properly Store Out-Of-Season Clothing

Just store It | May 02, 2019

If you identify as a type A personality, every aspect of your life is organized in a way that saves you time and energy — your closet is no exception. Even if you aren’t this hyper-organized, your closet is one area of your life that you could benefit from keeping clean.

Learn how to keep your winter clothes cool and dry during the hot Tennessee summer, and how to keep your summer garb from freezing in the winter. Learn how to properly store your out-of-season clothing, and rent a storage unit at Just Store It! in Clarksville to save on space.

Wash Everything

This might seem counter-intuitive since you’re not going to wear any of these clothing items for several months, but washing the clothes you’re about to store away prevents any stains from setting or smells permeating everything else in storage.

It’s still a good idea to wash everything after you take it out of storage as well, but washing everything beforehand ensures that everything is clean and fresh before being packed away.


Tip: This is also a great opportunity to take inventory of your clothing. Make note of items that need mending, and get rid of pieces you don’t like or wear anymore.

Dry Items Completely

It’s vital that everything you wash before storing is completely dry before you pack it away. Even items that are slightly damp can cause mold and mildew to build up because they’ll be sealed in containers that won’t allow any airflow to dry them.

Use your dryer or save energy by line-drying your clothes if it’s a warm, sunny day. It’s also important that your clothes stay dry by storing them in a cool, dark, dry place. At Just Store It! in Clarksville, we offer a variety of climate-controlled storage units so you can store your clothing in an environment that will keep everything in good condition.

Use Plastic Containers

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: plastic containers are the best option for storage. They’re durable, stackable, easy to handle, and are available in a variety of colors if you like to organize your belongings that way.

Clothing can safely be stored in plastic containers to keep out pests and moisture, but plastic doesn’t breathe. This is why washing and drying your clothes are a vital step in the storage process.

Store Delicate Fabric In Garment Bags

Because plastic containers don’t allow air to circulate through them, it’s important to store delicate fabrics and formalwear in garment bags. These materials need to breathe in order to stay in good condition, but they shouldn’t be exposed to the elements. Choose a fabric garment bag rather than a plastic one.

Optional: Scent Absorbers

Another way to keep your clothing fresh while it’s in a storage unit is to pack each container and garment bag with a scent absorber. We recommend cedar balls or blocks. They help repel pests, absorb scents, and keep your clothes smelling fresh.


At Just Store It! in Clarksville, we offer a variety of storage unit sizes and amenities to keep your seasonal clothing in good condition. Contact us today to reserve your storage unit.