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How To Sell Your Home, Part 4: Listing Your Home, Open Houses & Showings

Just store It | Jun 19, 2019

Now that you’ve made repairs and upgrades, decluttered your home, and had professional photographs taken, it’s time to list it and start having showings. While you’ve put in a lot of effort to get your house looking nice, it’s important to keep it up so that your home is always clean and ready to show with little notice.

It’s not a bad idea to keep an eye out for additional clutter that you may not have caught during your initial preparations. Rent a storage unit from a Just Store It! location to keep all of your belongings safe and in good condition while they aren’t in your home.

Listing Your Home

Your real estate agent will list your home for you on a Multiple Listing Service or MLS. This will allow multiple buyers to see your home on a variety of platforms.

You may be concerned about the time of year that you’re trying to sell your home, but seasons don’t actually have much effect on buyer behavior. What does matter is the condition of the housing market, which, since you’ve had your home appraised considering the current market, you should be aware of.

While your real estate agent manages your listing on different listing platforms, it’s not a bad idea that you spread the word yourself. You can share your listing on different social media platforms, with friends and family, and even through email. The more motivated you are to sell your home quickly, the more you should be posting and sharing about your home.

Staging Your Home For Open Houses & Showings

At this point, you should have cleaned out a large portion of your belongings and furniture to give your home a minimal, welcoming atmosphere. It’s still important to stay on top of clutter and clean regularly so that your home is in perfect condition for open houses and showings.

It’s a little easier to prepare for an open house because you know when it will be scheduled. Showings, on the other hand, can be scheduled with as little at 24-hour notice, so keeping your home staged at all times will make it less stressful to prepare.

People’s perception of cleanliness is subtle. You may have swept and mopped your floors and cleaned off the countertops, but if you haven’t washed your windows, glass doors, or dusted your baseboards and wall corners, potential buyers will subconsciously notice this — even if they can’t point out specifically why your house doesn’t seem very clean.

Take the time to deep clean your home by washing and dusting as many surfaces as possible. You’ll be surprised where dust settles once you start wiping things down.

Another tip for staging your home is to bring is as much light and bright colors as possible. Natural light makes your home feel more open and inviting, while white accents — like bathroom towels and flowers — give the effect of cleanliness and welcoming.

Put away clutter like newspapers, mail, magazines, and children’s toys. These may be a part of everyday life, but they distract from the selling points of your home.

Organizing storage spaces like drawers and closets is also a good idea. While you may not want potential buyers poking through your personal belongings, it’s important for them to know if their belongings will fit in these storage spaces with ease.


Removing as many personal belongings from your home for open houses and showings not only makes the moving process easier for you, but it will also make keeping your home clean and presentable easier when you could be given very little notice for a showing.

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