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How To Sell Your Home, Part 2: Prepping Your Home & Finding An Agent

Just store It | Jun 05, 2019

Now that you’ve had an inspection, made necessary repairs, and invested in small upgrades for your home, it’s time to do some cleaning and decluttering so it’s ready to show. This is also when you’ll need to find a real estate agent to help you sell your home.

As you go through and declutter your home, start to think about the type of storage unit you will need to keep everything safe and secure during the selling and moving process. Just Store It! offers a variety of amenities and storage unit sizes to accommodate a variety of needs. Find a location near you and contact us today to learn more.


Decluttering And Preparing Your Home

One of the biggest selling points for potential buyers when they view your home is whether or not they can see themselves living there. One of the biggest hindrances for people imagining themselves in your home is seeing all of your stuff.

The problem isn’t that your things are there — it is still your home, after all. The issue is that, after several years of living in one place, you tend to accumulate a lot more belongings. This creates a sense of clutter and disorganization that you may be able to live with on a daily basis, but it isn’t very visually appealing to others.

Take the time to go through each room of your home and start cleaning out items that you don’t use very often, extra furniture that makes the room feel tight, and decoration that’s cluttering the tables, shelves, and walls. It’s also a good idea to remove family photos because, while these are personal and you love them, it also makes it more difficult for potential buyers to see your old home as their new one.

Rent A Storage Unit

When you’ve finished going through your home and taken an inventory of everything you don’t want on display during a showing, it’s time to find a storage unit for all of these belongings. You’ll need to answer the following questions when deciding where to rent a storage unit:

  • How much stuff do you need to put in storage?
  • Will you need to access these belongings at any point during the selling or moving process?
  • Do you have any items that will need to be kept in a climate-controlled unit?
  • What are your heaviest, bulkiest items?
  • What are your most fragile, irreplaceable items?

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to figure out how big of a storage unit you’ll need to rent, whether or not it needs to be climate-controlled, and how easily you can access it.

At Just Store It!, we have a variety of locations that offer different amenities, sizes, and accessibility options for your storage unit. Find a location near you and find out if it has what you need to store your belongings safely.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

There are plenty of real estate agents out there, but only a few are going to be the best fit for you, your home, and your interests. It’s important to check online reviews, get referrals, and research as many agencies and agents as possible. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a short list, set an appointment to interview each candidate.

It’s important to ask specific questions to get an understanding of how qualified they are to sell your home. Ask questions like:

  • How many clients have you helped in the past year?
  • Has anyone ever filed a complaint against you?
  • What is your listing fee?
  • Do you offer services besides negotiations and escrow?

Ask other questions specifically pertaining to your selling situation as well. The more information you have, the better you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which agent to hire.


The next step in the selling process is setting the price of your home and having professional photos taken. Look for the next part of our blog with more specific information about that, and don’t forget to reserve your storage unit at Just Store It!