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How to Pack & Store Fragile Items

Just store It | Mar 20, 2019

If you’re in the process of moving or you’re packing some items away for storage, making sure you pack everything properly is vital so that nothing gets damaged or broken. You may be able to pack sturdier items easily and without much thought, but packing and storing fragile items takes more time and care if you want to preserve the quality of them. Heed the following tips when packing your fragile items for a move or if you’re putting them in a storage unit.

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Use Bubble Wrap

Your fragile items need additional cushion to prevent any damage during transit, and to prevent them from bumping directly into other fragile items. To preserve them, wrap them in bubble wrap, store them in packing peanuts, or used the foam protection that your items came packaged in. This will not only protect the item you’re wrapping, but also protect other items from being damaged.

Keep Original Packaging

There’s a reason your belongings were packaged a specific way for their original sale. The packaging your fragile items came in were custom-made to protect them. If you’re able to, hang onto the original packaging — boxes, foam protection, and plastic sheets — to repackage them later. If these layers of protection were damaged when you originally unwrapped your belongings, don’t worry about saving them. Instead, used bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and a separate sturdy container.

Use Plastic Bins

You can learn more about the pros and cons of different storage containers here, but when it comes to your fragile belongings that you’re putting into a storage unit, the only container you should be using is plastic. These containers hold their shape, are more durable, and provide more support than cardboard boxes. They also have handles, making them easier to carry and keep steady to prevent your fragile items from shifting around and bumping into each other. Plastic containers stack well on top of each other too, which will allow you to safely stack your belongings higher while saving on floor space.

Use a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Heat, humidity, and light are the worst enemies of many fragile items. Paper documents, electronics, photos, and original artwork all need to be kept in a climate-controlled unit that’s cool, dry, and not exposed to too much light. This prevents warping, color fade, corrosion, and other types of damage. If you’re unsure about the environment that your fragile belongings need to be kept in, see if you can find a manual or instructions on how to store these items. Most have directions on the temperature and environment that your belongings will hold up best in.

Keep Items Spread Out

It’s okay to stack several boxes on top of each other, but don’t stack them higher than you can reach. It’s also a good idea to spread items or stacks out so that they don’t bump into each other while you’re going through or moving boxes.

Certain items — like mirrors and wall art — should stand up while in storage because laying them flat could cause warping. Lean these items against a wall or against sturdy objects that are not going to move when these items rest against them.

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