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How to Organize Your Kitchen

Just store It | Apr 10, 2019

If you’ve been following our company blog, you’ve probably noticed our series on how to organize different areas of your home to make these spaces easier to use. Today, we’re going to talk about how to organize your kitchen to make mealtime preparation easier and more enjoyable.

Whether you have a variety of kitchen gadgets or a different set of dishes for every season, keeping your kitchen organized is imperative for a healthy and happy home. If you realize during this organization process that you have belongings in your kitchen that you just don’t have the space for, contact Just Store It! in Kingsport. We offer storage units for a variety of reasons. Store your crystal goblets, extra baking pans, or whatever you don’t have room for in your current kitchen. Reserve one of our storage units today.

Empty Your Cabinets

This might be the most overwhelming part because your kitchenware is put away for a reason. However, removing everything will help you see items that you don’t use very often, duplicate items that you don’t need, or items that you didn’t even know you had. Use your countertops, kitchen table, or even the floor to lay things out and go through.

Group Things Together

As you’re emptying out your cabinets and drawers, you can start to group items together that are similar. Group pots and pans, cooking utensils, plates, bowls, silverware, and random kitchen gadgets. Make note of groups like special serving pieces and holiday items that you don’t use very often.

Organize Items Logically

Think about ways that would make navigating your kitchen easier. If there’s a part of your kitchen where you do most of the prep, store your cutting boards, pots, pans, and cooking utensils in cabinets and drawers nearby. Keep glassware, tupperware, and storage containers close to your fridge to make saving leftovers easier.

If you drink coffee and/or tea, create an area in your kitchen where you can find everything you need in one place. Set up your coffee machine or electric kettle close to the sink. Set up this area with sugar, mugs, spoons or stirrers, and coffee filters.

You can also create “stations” like these for other kitchen-related hobbies. If you bake a lot, set up your mixer in an area where you can also store measuring cups and mixing bowls easily. Similarly, keep bottle openers, shakers, wine glasses, pint glasses, and other specialty beverage cups in the same place. There are even different racks that you can easily hang stemware from to save space in cabinets.

Use Drawer Organizers

Purchase drawer organizers that can separate different items out within a single space. Many drawer organizers are adjustable, so you can fit them in narrow and wide drawers. These are great for organizing silverware, an assortment of kitchen gadgets, or even your “junk” drawer of random items that you keep close by. These organizers will help you find specific items more quickly and can preserve the quality of kitchen items when they aren’t allowed to knock into each other while opening and closing drawers.

Store Containers & Matching Lids Together

In the vein of keeping like things together, storing pots and pans with their appropriate lids will save you some time when grabbing cookware to prepare dinner. This is also a good idea for storage containers like tupperware and drink pitchers. For tupperware, it’s a good idea to store lids on their sides in a larger plastic container and stack plastic containers inside of each other to save space.

Maximize the Use of Vertical Space

Similar to a stemware rack, you can install a variety of hooks and racks below your cabinets and on the walls of your kitchen to make use of vertical space. Consider installing hooks by your coffee maker to hang mugs from. You could also install a ceiling or wall rack to mount pots and pans. Not only will these types of storage make these items more accessible, but they will help you save valuable cabinet space.

Clean Out Your Fridge

This is going to be something that you’ll do regularly, but if you haven’t done so in a while, cleaning out your refrigerator is going to help with the overall organization of your kitchen. You’ll want to remove everything so you can wipe off shelves and pull out drawers to clean. Once you’re finished, start putting items back on their appropriate shelves or in drawers. If leftovers have been in the fridge for more than 3–4 days, they should be thrown away. Also check the expiration dates on all of your condiments and beverages.

Store Extra Items

For items that you can’t find a home for in your kitchen, consider a storage unit instead. Storage units are a great option for items that you want to keep but don’t use very often. You can keep your cool kitchen gadgets without them taking up extra space from items that you use every day. Contact Just Store It! in Kingsport today to reserve a storage unit.