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How To Organize Your Bathroom

Just store It | Apr 24, 2019

When it comes to cleanliness and organization, your bathroom is an important place to keep hygienic. If your bathroom is cluttered with half-empty body wash bottles, too many towels, and an overfilled medicine cabinet, it’s time for a deep clean. After all, the only thing a messy bathroom can lead to is items accidentally dropped in the toilet.

Once you’ve organized your bathroom, find a place to store all the extra clutter. At Just Store It! in Johnson City, we have a variety of storage units to accommodate your needs. Store your belongings while you’re living in that one-bathroom apartment instead of getting rid of everything and having to purchase it again when you move into a bigger place.

Check out these tips that will help you clean and organize your bathroom.


How long have you been hanging onto that nearly-empty bottle of shampoo? What about your collection of travel-size shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? While you thought you were being resourceful at the time by saving them, you’ve actually created a lot of extra clutter in your bathroom.

Go through your cabinets and find all of the items that you don’t use or need. You can consolidate liquids if you choose, but get rid of all those extra bottles. Do you have 20 bath towels that you share with your roommate? Perhaps it’s time to donate some or toss the raggedy ones. If you anticipate needing certain items in the future when you expand to a larger home, set them aside to put in a storage unit.

Create Functional Storage

There are a lot of ways to store bathroom items to keep things organized and save on space. Purchase drawer dividers to keep items from rolling around or getting shoved to the back of cabinet drawers. You can also find cubbies that fit well under your sink and allow you to keep people’s toiletries separate. Another great way to save space is to use towel hooks instead of a towel bar. Hang three or four towels on hooks in the same amount of space that it would take to hang two towels on a bar.

Use Vertical Storage Space

An easy way to create more storage is to install wall shelves, place hooks on the back of the bathroom door, and hang storage racks on the inside of the medicine cabinet and sink cabinet. This will allow you to store more items vertically instead of creating rows and rows of toiletries that become difficult to sift through.

Add A Laundry Basket

If your bathroom doesn’t already have one — and you have room for it — place a laundry hamper for everyone to place their dirty clothes, towels, and washcloths when they’re done using them. This will help keep clothing off of your floors so that the bathroom is easier to walk through. If you don’t want to mix up your laundry with your roommates’, try using smaller baskets for each person that they can take with them when they leave the bathroom.

Store Overflow

Whether you’re temporarily in a smaller place, you’re in the process of moving, or you have belongings that hold sentimental value, sometimes you just don’t have room for everything in your current home. You don’t need to get rid of your belongings, nor do you need to live in clutter and disarray until you have more space to keep things. At Just Store It! in Johnson City, we offer different sizes of storage units with different amenities to keep your belongings safe and secure. Contact us today to reserve your storage unit.