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How to Organize & Arrange a Playroom

Just store It | May 15, 2019

The playroom is like the Holy Mecca for your children. They get to play with their favorite toys, interact with one another, and burn off some of that never-ending energy. What is a haven for them can be a nightmare for you though if the playroom doesn’t have any organization. You could accidentally step on dolls, toy cars, or — heaven forbid — Legos.

So how do you keep such an eventful area of your home clean and organized without sacrificing your children’s enjoyment? Check out these following tips for organizing and arranging a playroom. And for toys that you’re saving for hand-me-downs or the appropriate season, rent a storage unit at Just Store It! in Clarksville.

Use Soft Storage Containers

When your kids are younger, you’re often worried about them pulling large, heavy objects down on top of themselves. This isn’t a worry that you want to have in their own playroom. Instead of using plastic or wooden containers to keep their toys in, choose storage bins and baskets that are made of cloth and even have some cushioning to them.

Don’t Go Overboard With Labeling

It’s easy in the process of organizing to want to label every little thing so you know where it goes, but the truth is that your children don’t really care if their Barbies get mixed in with their baby dolls or a few legos end up in the basket of Hot Wheels.  As long as everything has a general sense of organization and things are getting put away somewhere, your children’s playroom is in good shape.

Use Shelves

You don’t need to purchase a giant bookshelf to store your children’s toddler books and baskets — they won’t be able to reach half of the shelves! Instead, install shelving that’s at a child-level height or find kids furniture that you can use to keep bins and store large toys. This will give your children easy access to their toys as well as more floor space to play.

Invest In Storage Furniture

A great way to add some comfort and storage to a playroom is to invest in furniture that has storage space in it. This could be a bench with a removable seat to store things under or a cushy ottoman with a removable top to store books. This will save on space by creating places to sit and store things all in one area.

Store Outgrown Toys

Children outgrow toys and books quickly. They’re always mastering concepts and moving on to the next skill. If you’re planning on having more kids or you want to give your children’s old toys to friends or family when they have their own, you don’t need to clutter the playroom with them in the meantime.

Instead, rent a storage unit to keep toys your child has outgrown out of the way but in good condition. A climate-controlled storage unit will prevent any colors from fading or materials from warping. At Just Store It! in Clarksville, we have a variety of storage unit sizes and amenities. Rent your storage unit today to keep old toys safe and secure.