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How to Get Rid of Old Electronics

Just store It | Jul 27, 2019

Have you recently noticed that your cell phone turns off unexpectedly? Or that your laptop computer takes longer than usual to start up? Unfortunately, as your electronics get older, these are not uncommon problems to have. But, what do you do with old electronics when you upgrade to the newer and better version? Well, there actually are a few options for getting rid of old electronics.

  1. Recycle electronics
  2. Donate electronics
  3. Store electronics

Are you interested in learning more about each option? Keep reading!

How Do You Get Rid of Old Electronics?

Below you will find 3 great options for getting rid of old electronics!

1. Recycle Electronics into Something New

Just because your old cellphone doesn’t work anymore doesn’t mean it isn’t still valuable. Many different valuable resources can actually be extracted from old electronics and used to produce other things. If you no longer want your electronic, consider recycling it. Recycling electronics helps to conserve our limited natural resources. Resources such as gold, silver, aluminum, plastic, copper and a variety of metals can all be extracted from the electronic.

2. Donate Electronics to Someone Who Needs Them

If your electronic still works, consider donating it to a worthy cause. There are many different organizations and charities that will give used electronics to needy families all over the world, kids in hospitals or even the military overseas. On top of the satisfaction you get from helping someone in need, most electronics are also tax deductible.

3. Store Your Electronics to For the Future

If your electronic holds sentimental value or is very rare, you may be more tempted to hold onto it for the future. Old video games, computers, calculator watches and more sell for a decent chunk of change online. When you rent a storage unit, you can place old electronics into a safe and secure location and keep them from cluttering your house at the same time. Keep in mind that when storing electronics, it is essential to use a climate controlled storage unit.

Store Your Electronics with Just Store It!

Unless you are storing a vintage video game system, your electronics are likely pretty small. If you’re looking to store your electronics for future use, consider a 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit. A 5x10 storage unit will not only fit your electronics, but also other household items. Just Store It has storage facilities in Clarksville, TN, Johnson City, TN, Knoxville, TN, Kingsport, TN, Fort Collins, CO and Palm Desert, CA with climate controlled storage unit rentals. Reserve a storage unit with Just Store It today!