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Kids’ Room Repurposing Tips For Empty Nesters

Just store It | May 01, 2019

Oh, the peace and quiet of a home without teenage children. You can wake up in the morning, hear the birds chirp, and watch any channel on the television without contention. You can go to the grocery store every week instead of every other day.

Tips For Repurposing Your Child’s Room

While empty nesting certainly comes with its perks, one of the hardest parts is figuring out what to do with all the unoccupied space. Especially if you have college-aged children, how do you balance providing them a space when they’re home versus wanting a more usable space when they’re not around?

If you’re dealing with this empty-nesting conundrum, Just Store It! in Knoxville has a few tips for how to go about repurposing your children’s rooms.

Create Guest Bedrooms

If your daughter’s room is still an homage to all of her softball trophies, science fair ribbons, and Taylor Swift posters, it’s finally time to convert the space.

We know it’s not easy to redo a kid’s room — after all, the walls are a shrine to high school memories and the closet still stock-full of old prom dresses, sweaters, and outfits.

The good news is that you can keep these items in a storage unit. It’s not like you need them every day, anyway, so why not have them a few blocks away, safe and secure in a storage unit rather than taking up space in your home?

With the newfound space, you can create a room that guests can easily use and feel comfortable in.

Keep Select Personal Things

The last thing you want is for your kid to come home and feel like an alien without any space that reflects them. However, the reality is that they’ll be in their own place in no time, and you’ll have more visitors staying in the room.

To strike a balance, though, keep a few token items. Have your kids help you by sifting through their own memories — they can help you figure out what to keep, what to put in a storage unit, and what to toss.

If you have a bookshelf in your new guest room, you can keep a few of your kid’s favorite books there. Similarly, if you have a small wall shelf, keep the most meaningful trophy or keepsake to intersperse with new decor.

Make Use Of Storage Units

We mentioned this already, but it’s important enough to be its own item. It becomes a whole lot easier to repurpose kids rooms when you’re not thinking of it as throwing things away. There’s truly no need to throw away things that are important to you and to your children. If even the thought of sifting through old school papers, stuffed animals, and clothing causes you anguish, there’s no need to do it!

Instead, make use of a storage unit for these impossible-to-throw-out treasures.

Just Store It! Storage Units

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