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Catering and Restaurant Equipment Storage Tips

Just store It | Sep 06, 2019

It takes a lot of supplies to run a business. For any catering or restaurant owner, it can be very difficult to find storage for all of the necessary inventory, equipment and supplies needed to make your business run smoothly. With a storage unit rental, you’re able to keep items that are currently unneeded in a secure location close to your business. Are you interested in learning more? Read these restaurant and catering storage tips.

Restaurant and Catering Storage Tips

Seasonal Decorations

During the holiday season, it isn’t uncommon to have holiday lights and trees, ornaments and displays set up for visitors to enjoy. But, what do you do with these decorations during the other 11 months of the year? A storage unit rental lets restaurant owners enjoy the holiday spirit while not cluttering their business when the holiday season is over. All seasonal decorations can be stored towards the back of the storage unit since they will not be needed as often.

Extra Dinnerware

Just like many other businesses, the restaurant and catering industry experiences seasonality changes. Depending on the restaurant, it may be busier in the summer for patio seating, winter for the holidays or throughout the year on different special occasions and holidays. A storage unit rental allows you to store extra dishes, silverware and cups until you need them for busy season. When packing dinnerware for storage, make sure it is completely clean. Before placing it into the storage box, pad the bottom of the box with crumpled up paper.

Extra Furniture and Seating

In order to accommodate the seasonality surplus, you may need extra chairs and tables. A storage unit rental allows you to keep extra seating for guests in a location close to your business. Before storing furniture for your business, make sure all furniture pieces are clean and dry before storage.

Just Store it Has Restaurant and Catering Storage Options!

With a storage unit rental, your business never has to slow down due to a lack of storage space. By storing extra equipment, supplies and inventory in a storage unit rental, you’re able to reduce clutter in your business and stay better prepared for peak season. Are you looking for storage in the Clarksville, TN, Fort Collins, CO, Johnson City, TN, Kingsport, TN and Palm Desert, CA areas? Our storage facilities have a wide range of storage units available for rent, which allows your storage unit size to grow with your business. For storing restaurant and catering equipment, we recommend utilizing a climate controlled storage unit. Reserve your storage unit today!