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5 Best Things To Put Into Storage

Just store It | Feb 27, 2019

If you’ve found that your home has become crowded with a lot of bulky pieces of furniture; closets are overfilled with clothing; and cabinets, drawers, shelves, and desks have become cluttered with different knick knacks and belongings, it’s time to put some things in a storage unit.

Perhaps you’re in a temporary living space that’s a little too small to hold all of your belongings or maybe you’re sentimental about a collection of items that you just don’t have room for. Either way, Just Store It! in Elizabethton has a variety of storage unit sizes to accommodate the number of items you need to store. Before renting a storage unit, though, decide which items will be better in storage and which items you want to keep at home.

Holiday Items

Is Frosty the Snowman collecting dust in your garage, peering creepily out at you from the pile of Christmas decorations for 10 months out of the year? Maybe your Easter streamers keep getting tangled up with your outdoor gear? What about the giant candy bowl that looks like a Jack-O-Lantern taking up too much space in your kitchen cabinet?

These items aren’t anything you want to get rid of, but you certainly don’t need them taking up extra space in your home during the majority of the year. Instead, organize holiday or seasonal items into clearly labeled bins and keep them in a storage unit to free up space. This includes obvious things like holiday lights, lawn ornaments, and festive decorations, as well as belongings that you only use during the holidays, like crystal dishware you use on your anniversary or your collections of Nativity scene figurines. Learn more about how to organize and store your holiday decorations.

Extra Furniture

Do you have furniture for two extra bedrooms but currently one have one? Instead of trying to cram everything into one room and make it your office/gym/guest bedroom, store the furniture you use the least. If you can work on your laptop at the dinner table or in the living room, maybe it’s time to store that home office desk and storage cabinet. If you don’t have guests staying over at your house regularly, it’s time to put that spare bed and dresser in a storage unit.

Prioritize what you’ll be using the space for and then store furniture that you use sparingly. It will be a little extra work to swap out furniture when you do have visitors in town or when you decide to set up a business from home, but in the meantime, it will keep the limited space you have organized and minimal.

Seasonal or Occasional Clothing

Whether you have the closet space for it or not, keeping all of your clothes unpacked throughout every season creates a lot of extra clutter that you have to deal with — and more items to sift through when you’re looking for one specific piece. Keep the articles of clothing that you wear regularly — at least once a month — and consider storing the rest. This includes items that are out of season, like your down feather parka when it’s July, as well as formalwear that you only wear to an annual work party.

Keep things organized by labeling them, and pay special attention to storing instructions for certain materials. If certain clothing can become discolored due to light exposure, such as your wedding dress, make sure it’s stored in a box that won’t allow any light in. Washing clothing before storing them is also recommended. It will keep things smelling fresh for longer during the offseason instead of allowing musty scents to build up in the storage bins. Learn more about storing your clothing to keep it in good condition while in storage.

Artwork & Decorations

If you have limited space to decorate or hang artwork in your current home, you don’t need to sell everything just to spend more money down the road when you have space again. Instead of cluttering your walls and shelves with artwork or cramming pieces into closets, you can store them in a storage unit.

Many of these items need to be kept at a certain temperature and in limited light to prevent warping or color fade, so make sure to keep them in a climate-controlled storage space. This will keep all of your prized paintings vibrant and fresh looking, whether you keep them in storage for a few months or a couple of years. Learn more about how to store delicate items like artwork and antiques.

Outdoor Gear

If you enjoy the outdoors, chances are you have quite a bit of gear that you’re having to store during the offseason. You can safely store items like your mountain bike and padding; your hunting rifle, GPS, and hunting gear; your camping tent, camping cookware, and electronics; or your raft or kayak and paddles.

There’s no need for these items to take up space in your home when you’re not using them, but it doesn’t make sense to get rid of everything if you use it every year. Check out specific tips on how to store hunting gear and camping gear during the months you’re not using it.


When you’re in a home that has limited space for the number of belongings you have, you shouldn’t have to live in the clutter and disarray. If you find that your life would be a little easier to manage if you could store some of the above items, contact Just Store It! in Elizabethton today for information about our available storage units.