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The Advantages Of Long-Term Storage Units

Just store It | May 07, 2019

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

You’ve scored an amazing place to rent — but the lease doesn’t start until two months after you need to be out of your other place. A friend nicely offers their basement as a storage option, and you take them up on the offer.

Fast-forward to move-out day, and you realize you have a narrow, rickety staircase you must navigate in order to access said basement. Once you’re down there, you quickly realize that your friend should have specified “unfinished” basement, as dust, debris, and who-knows-what-else cover the floor where you’ll put all of your things.

While having a free-of-cost space might be a nice option, you get exactly what you pay for. In fact, you might have to fork out more money replacing things that were damaged during the move or during the stay in the basement.

Long-Term Storage Units > Basements

Nine times out of ten, investing in a long-term storage unit is a better option for your belongings. Here’s why.


A good storage unit comes with 24-hour monitoring in the form of security cameras, on-site management, exterior LED lighting, and gated entry.

If you’re storing more than a few bins of possessions, the safety of a storage unit facility is key. Even if you don’t think your possessions are worth that much, you’d be surprised when you add them all up. Your bikes, electronics, furniture, clothing, etc. are worth thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s best to secure them properly rather than relying on an unsecured property.


Storage units are set up for moving — your friend’s basement isn’t. Sets of stairs aren’t just annoying during moving, but they can actually be dangerous. Whether it’s straining a muscle trying to squeeze down a tight hallway or damaging an expensive mirror, there’s real risk when you have to move things in spaces that aren’t made for moving.

Storage units, on the other hand, feature drive-up access, roll-up doors, boxes, and other supplies that make moving a heck of a lot easier.


Finally, storage units come with all sorts of options that a random space will not. You can rent the unit online for the exact period of time you need, pay your bill online, have deliveries accepted to the storage unit, and benefit from on-site management.

Your friend might be a good pal, but we bet they’re not equipped with as many options as a legitimate storage facility.

Plus, our storage unit facility in Knoxville also offers canopy parking for your RVs, boats, and other motorized vehicles that you don’t just want out on the street.

Storage Units Right Near UT

If you’re looking for a storage unit over the summer, during a semester abroad, or just when things get cluttered, look no further than Just Store It! in Knoxville.

Our team is happy to help figure out which sized unit will be best for your needs, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today in Knoxville.