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Halloween Costume Storage Tips

Just store It | Nov 01, 2019

Halloween Costume Storage Tips

Although Halloween is a non-gift giving holiday, it still adds up in price. When you consider the candy for trick-or-treaters, costumes for your family members and decorations for the inside and outside of your home, it can really add up. But, when your Halloween costumes are stored correctly, they will be around and able to be used for future years to come. Are you interested in learning costume tips and tricks? Read below!

Clean the Halloween Costume

During trick-or-treating, a Halloween costume can really take a beating. From sticky fingers from eating candy, to muddy legs after walking from house to house looking for treats, any stain left on the costume during storage can destroy the costume fibers. To prevent this from happening, make sure the costumes are clean before storage.

How to Clean Halloween Wigs

Unless the wig is visibly dirty, it shouldn’t need cleaned before storage. Instead, plan on brushing it to detangle it and then put it inside of a storage bag. If the wig is sticky, muddy or dirty, wash it the way you’d wash hair. Shampoo the wig using a gentle dye-free shampoo and once the wig is dry, place it inside of a storage bag for safekeeping.

How to Clean a Halloween Costume

Never store a Halloween costume that hasn’t be cleaned. In order to clean a Halloween costume, first check the tag for any specific cleaning tips. If there aren’t any specific instructions or tips, the same rules should apply when washing a costume as do when you’re washing clothes. If the costume is stained, clean it according to what stained the costume. Once the costume is fully dried, store it in a garment bag.

How to Clean Masks

Use soap and water to clean a mask before storage. Once clean and dry, sprinkle cornstarch on the inside of the mask to keep it from getting stuck to itself. Your mask can be stored inside of a storage bag or container for safe keeping.

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