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4 Ways To Repurpose Your Garage

Just store It | May 06, 2019

A lot of people use their garage as an extra storage space for things like camping gear, holiday decorations, or furniture they don’t have room in their home for. What they don’t realize is that their garage could be serving them a much better purpose.

When you decide to clean out your garage and put some things in a storage unit rather than letting those belongings take up room in your home, you suddenly have an entire room for hobbies, guests, or other activities. Check out these different ways you can repurpose your garage, and contact Just Store It! in Clarksville to reserve a storage unit today.

Home Gym

If your weight machine and treadmill serve more as a clothes hanger than actual workout equipment, it’s time to put some of those seasonal items in a storage unit. Even in a single-car garage, you should have enough space for a cardio machine and some free weights.

Make your home gym authentic with floor-to-ceiling mirrors so you can work on your form, a stereo to keep motivational beats bumping, and a yoga mat so you don’t have to practice your vinyasa flow on hard concrete.

Fan Cave

What is a “fan cave” anyway? Well, it certainly isn’t piles of boxes and unorganized clutter that might be holiday decorations. If you need a place to unwind that’s separate from the rest of your house, the garage is the perfect place.

Set up a big screen, plug in your electric guitar and amp, stock the mini fridge and drink cart, and maybe invest in a pool table. Whatever helps you relax is what belongs in your fan cave.

Wood Shop

If you like to woodwork, metalwork, or just build and craft art pieces and furniture, your garage could be the perfect place to set up shop. Move that camping and hunting gear into a storage unit and break out the band saw.

Don’t forget that your new woodshop needs ventilation to be a safe workspace. Learn how to safely filter out saw dust and debris, and don’t forget your protective eyewear and face mask!

Guest Suite

Whether you want to set up a private guest room or your in-laws live with you, creating a room that’s set apart from the rest of the house gives everyone some personal space.

With all of your holiday decor, seasonal clothing, and outdoor gear in a storage unit, you can finish your garage and actually make it feel like another bedroom in the house. Think about adding ventilation, finishing the floors, and installing some nice light fixtures.


When it comes to your garage, it can always be used to store your vehicle; but if you’re already using it for storage, why not turn it into a room that serves your hobbies? When you rent a storage unit from Just Store It! in Clarksville, you’ll have more room to turn your garage into whatever you want. Contact us today to reserve your storage unit.