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4 Things To Avoid Putting In Storage

Just store It | May 08, 2019

When it comes to renting a storage unit, the sky is almost the limit for what you’re allowed to store. Check out the following items and make sure you aren’t storing any of them in a self storage unit. This is essential not only for the safekeeping of your belongings, but also for the safety of the facility as well.

If you’re in need of a storage unit, contact Just Store It! in Clarksville today. If you have any further questions about what you are and aren’t allowed to keep in your storage unit, feel free to ask us! Our goal is to provide clean, secure, and convenient storage unit for all of our customers.


One of the benefits of storage units that keep most of your belongings in good condition is the climate control. This keeps your storage unit cool, dry, and dark.

This, however, is the opposite environment that plants need to survive. Plants need warmth, sunshine, and plenty of water to thrive. While you can keep plenty of your gardening supplies in storage, avoid putting living plants in your storage unit.


One of the main adversaries of self storage is pests, and nothing attracts them more than food and other perishable items. Whether it’s your food or pet food, it will rot over time, stink, and attract insects and rodents.

Be sure not to store items in containers that were previously used to store food. This includes fruit boxes and liquor boxes. Though these containers may not be storing food anymore, they still smell like the food they once carried and will attract pests.

Hazardous Materials

Another big no-no for self storage is hazardous materials and waste. If something is flammable, explosive, or radioactive, it does not belong in a storage unit. Keeping these items could lead to a fire or explosion, which you will be held responsible for.

Do not store items like lead paint, asbestos, petroleum, methane, medical waste, and other toxic substances. As an extra measure, remove the batteries from all of the electronics you’re planning to store, as these are also corrosive.


If you have extra cash you need to store somewhere, a storage unit is not the place. Even if you have an insurance policy for your stored items, the policy does not cover cash.

If you have a significant amount of cash you’d like to safely store, choose to store it in a deposit box at your bank instead.


Whether you’re looking for short-term storage while you go home from college for the summer, long-term storage while you’re deployed overseas, or you just need a storage unit to keep your belongings for a little bit during a move, Just Store It! in Clarksville has you covered with a variety of storage unit sizes and storage amenities to choose from.

Just remember that when you’re packing up your belongings, you aren’t planning on storing any living things, perishables, hazardous materials, or cash in your storage unit. For more information, contact us today.