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4 Storage Tips For Military Personnel

Just store It | May 20, 2019

Whether you’re moving to a new military base or you’re preparing for deployment, it’s important to have a safe place to store your things during your move or while you’re out of the country. While family members and friends may offer to keep your belongings, it might not be the best option to keep your belongings safe, secure, and in good condition.

At Just Store It! in Clarksville, we offer storage units for families, college students, and military personnel. Contact us today for more information about our storage units sizes and amenities offered.

Pack Your Unit Full

Since you won’t be needing to access your storage unit until you move again or return from deployment, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a larger storage unit just to spread your belongings out. It will be more cost effective for you to pack your belongings as densely as possible in a smaller unit.

Not only is this a more affordable option since you’ll be able to rent a smaller unit, but your belongings will also support one each other and are less likely to fall and get damaged for any reason.

Opt For Climate-Control

Whether you’re storing a home’s worth of belongings or just a few items you don’t want to keep with your at your current home, finding a storage unit that offers climate control will keep your belongings in better condition. The cool, dry climate will prevent moisture and heat from damaging your belongings, and a dark storage unit will help prevent color fade for clothes, furniture, and other upholstery.

This is the best, most controlled environment for your belongings that you aren’t taking with you. While a family member’s basement or shed might seem appealing, there’s no guarantee what sort of pests or fluctuations in heat your things might be exposed to.

Insure Your Belongings

At Just Store It!, we do our best to provide clean, secure, and convenient storage. Unfortunately, there are some events that we just can’t prepare for. In the unlikely event that your belongings are damaged while stored at one of our facilities, it’s a good idea to have your belongings insured. You could even have valuables appraised so you know exactly how much you would need to be reimbursed for antiques, collectibles, and irreplaceable goods.

Deliver Your Belongings

When you rent a storage unit at Just Store It! in Clarksville, you are able to have packages delivered to the facility. We have the ability to sign for items for you so that you don’t have to worry about items being held at the post office or getting lost in the stack of mail sent to your parents.


When it comes to military life, you have enough to think about between training, work assignments, and deployment — you don’t need storage to be another stressor in your life. Trust a storage unit facility dedicated to safe and reliable storage to keep your belongings safe while you’re moving or deployed. Contact Just Store It! in Clarksville today to reserve your storage unit.