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4 Cleaning Tips For The Empty Nesters

Just store It | May 10, 2019

Whether your little bird flew the nest as soon as they turned 18 or your child lived with you until they graduated college, you are now an empty nester reveling in the accomplishment of having grown children out in the world.

Chances are, though, your kids didn’t take absolutely all of their belongings with them, leaving you wondering what to do with all of their things. Would they want to keep their middle school soccer trophies? What about their baby clothes and keepsakes? Surely those are worth saving in case you have grandchildren someday.

If you’re trying to clean up your home after all of your kids have moved out, check out the following tips that will help you make the most of this new stage in your life. To keep all of their belongings safe and in good condition, contact Just Store it! in Clarksville to reserve a storage space.


Organize Into Categories

With any organization project, it helps to organize things into categories. Since these belongings aren’t actually yours, though, it can be difficult to create a “throw away” pile.

Instead, try organizing items into categories based on age, hobbies, etc. This will help you keep things in an order that makes sense if your adult child comes over one day looking for their old watercolor paints (you can simply check the “art supplies” box and there it is!).

Pack Away

Now that your children are gone, there’s no reason to keep their belongings unpacked like they’re going to move back home any day. This can be a difficult process, so take your time. It’s not like you’re getting rid of anything — you’re just making room for new (or old) hobbies in the spare rooms of your home.

If you want to preserve items as best as possible, invest in plastic storage bins to keep clothing, school supplies, toys, and keepsakes safe and protected. They’re more durable than any other type of storage container, will make it easier to go through items later, and help you keep things organized.

Enlist The Experts

No, we aren’t suggesting you call HGTV for help adjusting to your empty nest, but we do recommend asking your children for help going through their things and deciding what’s worth keeping.

While you might see stacks of scrap paper that are just begging to be thrown in the dumpster, your child could see their artistic growth as they learned to draw objects in space or the human form. When your children visit, have them go through their belongings and decide what should be kept, thrown away, or stored.

Rent A Storage Unit

Once you and your children have taken the time to go through their belongings and decide what’s worth keeping, you don’t need to keep these things hoarded in the guest bedroom. Instead, rent a storage unit to keep your home decluttered and your child’s belongings accessible.

Just Store It! in Clarksville offers a variety of storage unit sizes and amenities to accommodate your storage needs as an empty nester. Contact us today for more information and to reserve your storage unit.